I have been told the most healing thing we can do, is remind ourselves over and over that other people feel this, too.

Metaphors My Mother Never Taught Me


On the days when your body feels like a broken hour glass

and all you want is to tip it over and let the remaining sand spill out,

think of how many good minutes you still have left.

Heartbreak is like rain: eventually it dries up and disappears through the cracks

of whatever pieces your heart…

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wine and the city.

“I’m filling in the empty spaces
of my heart where you once
stayed, where you used to
call home. It’s difficult,
but it’s working, and I can
finally say that I’m starting to
feel whole again. That I am
starting to feel like who I was
before you took up all the vacant
rooms in this vessel that is
keeping me alive. You always
felt so comfortable when you
could call my body your haven,
your escape, your home away
from home. When you left
my chamber of rhythmic beats
I wasn’t sure if I could
ever find something as spacious
as your body, or something
as calming as your presence,
but I did. And I didn’t have to
search for someone who could
someday use me as their own
personal get away. I found
that within myself, within my
own ability to heal the broken
pieces that you never got around
to fixing. I don’t need anyone
to make me feel whole like I once
needed your help doing.
I can now say that my heart
will be just fine without the help
of someone who is looking
for a home inside of another.”

—   "My home is where my heart is," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)


50% wants love

50% wants isolation

100% unsure of emotional stabilization

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-Andrea Gibson

“i lost my keys while
you lost yourself. tell me, how
did we drift so far?”

Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Roslyn


Roslyn » Bon Iver & St. Vincent

Wings wouldn't help you
Wings wouldn't help you down
Down towards the ground, gravity smiled

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This Snakejuice is basically rat poison. Everybody’s wasted.

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